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Rent a Studio

With our state of the art facilities, you can bring your concept to life. In addition to high-end DSLR cameras to the latest lighting equipment, we also provide makeup and background facilities allowing you to capture exactly what you have envisioned. Post-processing and editing suites are also available, to allow creative changes to be made and effects to be added.

HillsOne offers Chroma Studio for rent and is the first of its kind in Delhi. From basic backgrounds and full-fledged sets to the latest and most comprehensive post-processing software tools, we have it all. We are constantly on the lookout for better equipment, to meet the demands of our clients. Digital imaging is a field that is continuously going ahead. Our  lighting system is the best in the market and will ensure that it doesn’t seem as if any lighting was used at all, giving a very natural and life-like appearance to a scene or subject. Our studio is spacious and experts will provide assistance in handling the equipment. HillsOne Studios in Delhi and Noida are economical and is equipped with a multitude of cameras, lighting systems, modifiers, and reflector. You can rent out this equipment on a half-day or full-day basis.